Smart Cities

Initiative Smart Cities

Smart cities are communities that utilize information from sensing systems to improve city services or inform some aspect of the city. 

Advances in the integration of network information systems, sensing devices, data analytics, and artificial intelligence are transforming society, allowing cities and communities to address challenges with insight that has not previously been available. This approach enables increased understanding of how to intelligently and effectively address traditional community problems. There are great challenges to networking engineering with the increasing orders of magnitude of connected devices. Our goal is to research new technologies that can meet those challenges.

Smart Cities start with an understanding of what community attributes could benefit from the unique insight of sensored networks. Sensors are placed at various locations throughout the community which are then connected through a data communications network. Information is securely gathered and analyzed through Data Analytics. This analysis is fed back to the appropriate applications, to improve or inform some aspect of the the city. City managers and residents are given access to real-time information about their community upon which to base decisions, actions, and future planning.

The Projects